How to get an interest-free loan in USD

1. Buy at least 5000 CENTUS here

2. Create a cloud deposit with purchased CENTUS here

3. Open a trustline for the USD asset at your deposit address

4. In your account, proceed to the “USD credit” tab

5. Scroll to “Issue US Dollar Bill (USD) using CENTUS” and press the GET USD NOW button

6. Fill out the “US Dollar Bill (USD) Issue Request” form, choosing the 100% amount of issue and the amount of currently purchased CENTUS

7. Click the Submit button

8. Confirm the USD issue

9. After checking your CENTUS deposit, USD will be sent to your deposit address.

Every day, up to 0.3% of the amount of USD in CENTUS tokens will be sent to your Stellar address

An interest-free loan is issued for a period of 14 days.

After 14 days, you need to return the USD loan to the same Stellar address from where it was sent to you: GBOZUB2GW3JC74UPKELSZ26RQRGBVXMIN3EQ6NPLBBZR3KE2R37NPJB6

In case of delay in repayment of the loan after 14 days, you will be charged interest in the amount of 0.2% for each day of using USD.

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