Introducing WARRANT token

WARRANT token is a special token that gives its holder the right to buy or sell a certain number of tokens at an agreed price within a certain period of time. 

In other words, WARRANT is an instrument, also GUARANTEE, SECURITY, evidence for or token of authorization, issued by an issuer giving to the holder the right to purchase or sell some assets of the issuer at a stated price either prior to a stipulated date or at any future time.

Asset code: WARRANT

Total supply: 100,000,000,000


How a WARRANT Works

WARRANT are in many ways similar to options, but a few key differences distinguish them. Warrants are issued by the CENTUS itself, not a third party, investors cannot write warrants like they can options.

WARRANT tokens do not pay interest or come with voting rights. Investors are attracted to warrants as a means of leveraging their positions in a assets or hedging against downside.


WARRANT tokens can be issued in conjunction with any tokens, which in turn are called warrant-linked tokens. These warrants are often detachable, meaning that they can be separated from the tokens and sold on the secondary markets before expiration.

CENTUS issues WARRANT tokens with different terms: from 1 month to a year. Lifetime WARRANTS are also available in some cases.

You always can buy WARRANT tokens on Stellar DEX from existing holders or on Centus.Exchange, prices for WARRANT are set by the market.

When buying from 100,000 CENTUS tokens* on the centus.one website, you will receive an equal amount of WARRANT tokens for free, which gives you the guaranteed right to sell the purchased CENTUS back within a month at the purchase price on the Centus.Exchange. Until 31.07.2021 the minimum amount has been reduced to 10,000 CENTUS.

After the expiration of the term, you can freely buy WARRANT tokens and insure your assets against depreciation.

IMPORTANT: Each WARRANT guarantees the sale of one CENTUS token, that is, in case of market instability and a decrease in the price of tokens, having one WARRANT for each token, you are guaranteed to sell tokens at the purchase price.


*”CENTUS Tokens” are all tokens issued by centus.one