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Basic Income for Everyone? Yes!
a stablecoin with inflation protection and basic income

seigniorage is profit through money creation

100 CENTUS ≈ 1 USD+

Get protection from inflation and a daily basic income on your stablecoins

CENTUS Stable Cent holders receive Inflation Compensation and Basic Income created through seigniorage

Seigniorage and Basic Income rate is floating and determined by the CENTUS community


U.S residents can not receive
seigniorage in CENTUS tokens.

What is CENTUS?

CENTUS is a new type of stablecoin whose value is tied to the cost of living, unlike traditional stablecoins that are pegged to specific assets like fiat currencies. The primary goal of CENTUS is to provide its token holders with stable purchasing power even when the cost of living changes.

A distinguishing feature of CENTUS compared to other stablecoins is that its holders can protect their assets from inflation. CENTUS owners regularly receive payments in the form of seigniorage to compensate for inflation. The inflation compensation amount is determined based on inflation data from the previous month provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Every CENTUS holder is also entitled to a basic income in BINCOME and BINC tokens. These payouts are made daily, as well as on Tuesdays and Fridays by the Basic Income Foundation. Read more…

100 US Stable Cents (CENTUS) are roughly on par with 1 US Dollar (USD).

Monthly Seigniorage Accrual Chart*

*Ordinary seigniorage vs Increased seigniorage (High-Return Seigniorage Fund)

Value Stability Guaranteed

Stable Value

For every holder, the intrinsic worth of 1 CENTUS is consistently redeemable for 1 US Cent, equivalent to $0.01. This establishes a steadfast and reliable valuation, securing its price stability.

U.S. Cent Peg

U.S. Cent Peg

CENTUS stands anchored to the U.S. Cent, ensuring that its value is steadfastly linked to this stable denomination. The quantity of CENTUS in circulation is meticulously regulated by a smart contract, dynamically adjusting in response to market demand to maintain its peg.

Driven by Polygon & BNB

Driven by Polygon & BNB

CENTUS is a token compatible with both the Polygon network (an Ethereum sidechain) and the BNB Chain. You can store it in any wallet or use it on any decentralized exchange (DEX) that supports Polygon or BEP-20 tokens.

Income-Earning Stablecoin

Basic Income

CENTUS stands out as the only stablecoin that offers its holders more than just a safeguard against inflation. It pioneers the concept of providing a universal basic income, ensuring that every holder benefits from a consistent and reliable financial support system.

How to get CentUS


1. Sign in to your MetaMask or any other wallet that supports the CENTUS token.

2. Convert your assets into CENTUS at a conversion ratio of approximately 0.01 U.S. Dollars for 1 CENTUS.

3. Receive inflation compensation daily and basic income twice a week.

Read more…

U.S. residents can not receive

seigniorage in CENTUS tokens.

Where you can trade CentUS

Ready to get 

a basic income?



Earn 5% of CENTUS purchased by your friends and 60% of their income* 

Frequently Asked Questions

Cryptocurrency is a kind of digital currency. It’s called “cryptocurrency” because it uses a very secure form of cryptography to verify transactions. Cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain technology, and the value of a cryptocurrency depends on the type of blockchain it is built on.

CENTUS is a seigniorage (profitable) payment network that facilitates earnings and the movement of money between people. It’s built on blockchain technology (Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain and Stellar Network), which enables CENTUS to be global and secure.


The CENTUS token is available on UniSwap, MetaMask (as both ERC-20 & BEP-20 tokens), and Stellar DEX. Additionally, you can access it through the Centus exchange service. Buy and sell CENTUS today to benefit from seigniorage and basic income.