BONUS is backed by CENTUS, equal to it by value and used as CENTUS equivalent within the context of CENTUS affiliate program.


After creating an account and purchasing 5,000 CENTUS (50 USD) or more you would be granted with one-time bonus amounting 2–5% from purchased sum:

1) 2% when purchasing between 5,000 and 49,999 CENTUS (50–499 USD USD). After your purchase CENTUS, your account is credited with special BONUS tokens that can be exchanged to CENTUS at full value after 4 seigniorage accruals or in two weeks.

2) 3% when purchasing between 50,000 and 299,999 CENTUS (500–2,999 USD). In this case you can exchange your BONUS to CENTUS after 8 seigniorage accruals or in 4 weeks.

3) 5% when purchasing 300,000 CENTUS (3,000 USD) or more. Your BONUS amount will be available for exchange after 8 seigniorage accruals or in 4 weeks.

4) 20% – upon the purchase of any CENTUS amount with the condition of their conversion not earlier than 3 and not later than 6 months from the date of CENTUS purchase and after receiving no less than 24 seigniorage accruals (3 months).
This BONUS is accrued to all CENTUS buyers regardless of the purchase amount. BONUS amount can be reduced at any time.


Indispensable condition: If you sell purchased CENTUS before the due date, BONUS will be bought out on a due date with a discount from nominal value depending on the actual holding period. Additionally, you lose all potential profits. However, you receive all accrued seigniorage CENTUS with profit for the entire holding period in any case.



You receive an affiliate bonus (in BONUS tokens) for every new community member you invited equal to 10% of the value of a CENTUS purchase made by them.

BONUS is only accrued on so-called “new” CENTUS (that is, if your referral had bought 100 CENTUS, then sold this amount together with the earned profit of 20 CENTUS (120 CENTUS in total), and after all has bought another 300 CENTUS, bonus is accrued on 100–120+300 = 280 CENTUS).

BONUS tokens can be exchanged to CENTUS after you receive seigniorage 4 times or in 4 weeks from the day your referral made their purchase. (If the referral sells CENTUS before this due date, BONUS exchange rate is recalculated depending on the actual holding period — a discount.)

Inviting new participants to the CENTUS project, you contribute to its development and advancement. No one is forcing you to invite new participants. However, the clear understanding that CENTUS is targeted to spread within the society, so any effort on its distribution reinforces a network effect, as well as encouraging participants through granting affiliate bonuses, motivates people to take a proactive stance.

Besides, your referral gets 20% of your bonus reward. Thereby, we encourage your referral to join your partnership network.

Invite BONUS – 100 USD

After opening CENTUS account, each participant receives Invite BONUS in the amount of 100 USD. You can read more about Invite BONUS here.


The bonus amount and the terms of conversion can be changed at any time unilaterally with prior notification in the news.

*You also can hold your CENTUS  in High Return Seigniorage Funds.

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