High-Yield Seigniorage Cent CENTUS+

Seigniorage Cent (CENTUS+) is a high-yield seigniorage token, similar to the standard CENTUS, offering seigniorage payouts. A distinctive feature of CENTUS+ is its potentially higher seigniorage, the rate of which can be adjusted to enhance the token’s market appeal, and its price is freely determined by the market.

Features of CENTUS+:

– Flexible Seigniorage Accrual: Holders of CENTUS+ tokens receive seigniorage just like CENTUS token holders. The amount of seigniorage for CENTUS+ is determined by the volume of token purchases. The seigniorage rate can be adjusted according to market conditions to stimulate investments and maintain the attractiveness of the token.

– Adaptive Seigniorage Rate Regulation: The seigniorage rate can be adjusted based on the market situation, with no set maximum limit, to prevent excessive market growth or rapid token inflation. This ensures flexibility and contributes to maintaining the stability of the token price.

– Token Uniqueness: CENTUS+ tokens are not converted into BILLEX when their price falls and cannot be burned by the token issuer.

– Minimum Seigniorage Threshold: The minimum seigniorage threshold may be reviewed or removed to ensure flexibility in responding to market conditions and to continue stimulating investments.

-Trading on Uniswap and Web-3 Wallets: CENTUS+ tokens are available for trading on Uniswap and in any non-custodial wallets compatible with Polygon that aggregate market liquidity. Trading is possible in pairs with CENTUS, USDT, USDC, MATIC, and other assets.

Referral BONUS

– You receive a referral bonus in BONUS tokens for each CENTUS+ purchase made by partners you invite. The bonus is 5% of the value of their CENTUS+ purchases (with a minimum purchase amount of 500,000 CENTUS+).
– After a month, you can exchange this Bonus for CENTUS+ provided that your partner has not sold the purchased CENTUS+.

– To redeem the bonus, the partner must retain all acquired CENTUS+ during this month. If your partner sells any part of the purchased CENTUS+, you will lose the right to conversion.
– You can redeem your bonus and receive CENTUS+ in your centus.one profile under the BONUS EXCHANGE section, in the PURCHASE BONUS tab.


What is adaptive regulation of the seigniorage rate? 

Adaptive regulation, when applied to the rate of seigniorage, refers to the dynamic adjustment of seigniorage rates based on prevailing economic conditions and market feedback. Seigniorage, the difference between the value of money and the cost to produce and distribute it, is a critical aspect of monetary policy.

1. Seigniorage and Its Impact on Token Inflation: Seigniorage is the profit made from issuing currency. In the context of cryptocurrencies, it refers to the profit from issuing new tokens. Generally, the higher the seigniorage rate (i.e., the more new tokens issued), the higher the potential inflation, as it increases the total number of tokens in circulation.

2. Maximum Limit of the Seigniorage Rate: When it’s stated that the seigniorage rate can be adjusted “without a set maximum limit”, it means there’s no fixed upper boundary for the seigniorage rate. Theoretically, the rate could be increased to any level depending on market conditions.

3. Adaptive Regulation: This implies that the seigniorage rate can dynamically change in response to market conditions. For instance, if there’s increased demand for the token or signs of excessive market growth, the seigniorage rate might be reduced to prevent excessive inflation. Conversely, during market slowdowns, the rate might be increased to stimulate economic activity.

4. Objective of Such a Strategy: The main goal of this adaptive system is to maintain the stability of the token’s price and to prevent extreme fluctuations caused by either excessive inflation or deflation.

Thus, while a higher seigniorage rate typically could lead to increased inflation, adaptive regulation of the seigniorage rate is aimed at balancing this effect by flexibly adjusting the rate according to current market conditions.

Important Note: When purchasing CENTUS+, it is necessary to consider the potential for significant fluctuations in the token’s value. This includes the possibility of a price drop of 50% or more from the purchase price, as well as the potential for a price increase of 100% or more; there is no upper limit.