CENTUS+ Stable Cent (CENTUSX) is a seigniorage style High-Yield Stablecoin that implements an algorithmically governed approach to expanding and contracting the stablecoin money supply.

It is similar to the usual CENTUS in many ways, but is High-Yield and therefore more volatile. CENTUS+ holders don’t receive a basic income, but they can vote for its almost unlimited seigniorage rate. Because of this, the risk of investing in CENTUS+ is higher* than in CENTUS and it can often be converted into BILLEX token (special series).

If the price of the CENTUS+ token falls, the tokens are exchanged to BILLEX in order to return the value of the token to the peg to 1 CENTUS.

The number of CENTUS+ in circulation is constantly increasing or decreasing depending on supply and demand.

Initially, 1,000,000,000 CENTUSX tokens were issued.

Asset code: CENTUSX
Target pegging: 1 CENTUSX ≈ 1 CENTUS

The seigniorage rate on CENTUS+ is only determined by CENTUS holders.
The basic income is not accrued on CENTUS+.
You can buy and sell CENTUS + tokens (CENTUSX) on Stellar DEX (exchange) for CENTUS tokens.

By voting for the increased unlimited rate of seigniorage accrued on CENTUS+, you get a High Income, but you also understand that CENTUS+ can be converted to BILLEX in the event of an increased supply of CENTUS+ tokens to keep its stable value.
You can read how BILLEX works here

To receive CENTUS+, you need to add a trustline to it in your Stellar wallet.

IMPORTANT: If you use an Interstellar.Exchange wallet, you need to add the trustline manually using the asset code CENTUSX (in capital letters) and asset issuer address GD7I4VIGF2LJEK6XKZDFLWRT6NFVIXN2CGLVSXEPNWJWTN4QRGX4226Z. In other wallets it is enough to type the token asset code or centus.one domain into the search field.

Any participant who holds CENTUS tokens on Stellar regular or deposit addresses can vote for the increased CENTUS+ seigniorage rate at their https://centus.fund account.

Everyone who took part in the voting can receive High-Yield CENTUS+ tokens to their multisig bounty address in the amount of up to 1000 CENTUS+, depending on the proximity to the actual Seigniorage rate.

To vote, you must have at least 500 CENTUS and 1000 CENTUS+ on your regular or deposit Stellar wallets‌‌

*When purchasing CENTUS+, you have to be prepared for possible temporary reductions in the value of the token below its peg 1 CENTUSX ≈ 1 CENTUS by a tangible amount, up to 50% or even more.

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