High-Yield Seigniorage Token CENTUS+

CENTUS+ (CENTUSX) is a high-yield seigniorage token. It is similar to regular CENTUS in terms of seigniorage paid, but is high-yield and therefore volatile with a price freely set in the market.

CENTUS+ tokens holder receive seigniorage like CENTUS tokens holders. The amount of seigniorage accrued to CENTUS+ depends on the volume of token purchases. As the volume of CENTUS+ purchases increases, the seigniorage rate increases in proportion to the increase in the volume of purchases until it reaches a maximum of 5%.
Upon reaching 5%, a reduction factor is applied to the seigniorage rate in order to prevent the market from overheating and the token to inflate too rapidly.
Then the rate starts to increase again in proportion to the increase in the volume of purchases.
With a decrease in the volume of purchases, the seigniorage rate is proportionally reduced, but cannot fall below 2%. Upon reaching 2%, a multiplying factor is applied to the rate to make investments in CENTUS+ attractive and stimulate purchases growth.

CENTUS+ tokens are not converted to BILLEX when the price drops, cannot be withdrawn from wallets by token issuer using the clawback function, and are stored only in regular wallets without multisig.

When the price of CENTUS+ decreases, its quantity in circulation decreases, and when it rises, on the contrary, it increases depending on supply and demand.

A total of 20,000,000,000 CENTUSX tokens have been issued.

Asset code: CENTUSX
Target pegging: no peg, current price published daily.

The seigniorage rate on CENTUS+ depends on the market demand for the token and is determined on the day the seigniorage is calculated: the more sales, the higher the seigniorage and vice versa.

You can buy and sell CENTUS+ (CENTUSX) tokens on Stellar DEX (decentralized exchange) for XLM, CENTUS and other assets.

To get CENTUS+, you need to add a trustline to it in your Stellar wallet.

When buying CENTUS+, you should be prepared for a possible decrease in the token value below its purchase price by a significant amount up to 50% or even more, however, the token can also rise in price by 100% or more – there is no limit