Basic income tokens: BINCOME, BINC and others

Every CENTUS holder is entitled to a basic income in BINCOME and BINC tokens. These payouts are made daily, as well as on Tuesdays and Fridays by the Basic Income Foundation (BINCOME), a non-profit organization.

What are BINCOME and BINC?
BINCOME and BINC are innovative tokens created within the CENTUS ecosystem, aimed at implementing the concept of a basic income for its participants.

BINCOME – Basic Income Token for CENTUS Holders
BINCOME is credited every Tuesday and Friday to CENTUS token holders. This token offers a unique opportunity for participants to receive regular income, based on the principles of distribution and sustainable development. BINCOME not only provides additional income for its holders but also contributes to the overall stability and economic well-being within the CENTUS ecosystem.
In addition, the BINCOME token is intended to reward CENTUS participants for their contribution to the activities of the Basic Income Foundation. The exchange rate of the BINCOME token is equal to or exceeds 100 CENTUS ≈ 1 US dollar.

BINC – Daily Basic Income for CENTUS and CENTUS+ Holders
BINC is another key element of the basic income system, accruing daily to all CENTUS and CENTUS+ token holders, as well as BINCOME holders. This token is designed to provide more frequent and regular support to participants, encouraging active participation in the ecosystem and ensuring a more predictable and stable source of income.

The BINC token also is used to reward participants who contribute to the development and activities of the foundation. The price of the BINC token is determined by its intrinsic value, which is tied to the financial performance of the Foundation, specifically the amount of financial assistance provided in the form of BINC tokens accrued to the participants’ accounts.

Global Expansion and Local Basic Income Tokens
In addition to BINCOME and BINC, centus.one is expanding its activities internationally with specialized basic income tokens issued by representatives of various participating countries. These tokens, such as BINCIN for India, BINCUA for Ukraine, BINCPL for Poland, BINCRU for Russia and anothers, are specifically intended for basic income payments to citizens of the respective countries. They are not created directly by Basic Income Foundation but by representatives of the BINCOME in different countries, serving to meet the unique economic and social needs of each country.

Thus, BINCOME and BINC reflect CENTUS’ commitment to creating a fairer and more inclusive economic system, where every participant has access to regular and stable income. With these tokens and their international counterparts, CENTUS  aims to provide economic support and improve the lives of people around the world.

Become a BINCOME Representative: Expand Opportunities and Earn Income

Join us as a BINCOME representative in your country or city and start earning up to 10% of the basic income payments made in your region. This isn’t just an opportunity to expand the BINCOME network but also a way to earn significant additional income, contributing to the economic growth and development of your community.

As a BINCOME representative, you will be at the forefront of promoting the concept of basic income, ensuring its accessibility and understanding among the local population. We will support you at every step of this journey:

Assistance with Getting Started: We will provide you with all the necessary resources and knowledge for a successful start.
Token Issuance: Our experts will assist you in developing and issuing specialized tokens for your region.
Creating a Liquidity Pool on Uniswap: We will offer technical support and guidance in creating and managing a liquidity pool, a key aspect of ensuring the stability and availability of the tokens.

By becoming a BINCOME representative, you are not only promoting the concept of basic income but also making a real contribution to the economic well-being of your region. This is your chance to be part of a global movement and make a meaningful impact on your community’s life.

Empower Your Community, Enrich Your Future – Join as a BINCOME Representative Today!