Message from Founders on CENTUS Official Launch

May 03, 2020

Dear CENTUS Community,

Twelve months ago, we set ourselves an ambitious goal: To create a reliable, inflation-resistant, free from centralized control digital currency with a stable price that will be available to every simple person, and not just professionals and traders.

We are confident that we can create tremendous value for society by achieving this goal.

Today we introduce an official document (white paper) proposing a stable decentralized digital currency CENTUS with built-in seigniorage basic income, which is potentially able to realize this vision.

CENTUS is a digital currency which reliability is secured by its peg to the US dollar, while remaining fully decentralized. The price for 1 CENTUS is always approximate or equal to 0.01 USD. The CENTUS protocol algorithmically adjusts the issuance of CENTUS tokens in response to CENTUS exchange rate changes against the USD. This makes it possible to implement monetary policy that is similar to policy of Central banks around the world, except that it uses a decentralized algorithm based on protocols, without the need for direct human intervention.

The most important difference between CENTUS and other stable currencies is that its owners receive regular basic income (seigniorage), paid weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays directly to their blockchain wallets.

The mission of CENTUS is to create wealth and redistribute it among simple people, members of our CENTUS Seigniorage Network.

The CENTUS affiliate program allows anyone in the world to own a stable currency and receive a steady income not only from the affiliate program rewards, but also from seigniorage, which was previously available only to states and banks.

At the first stage of the project development, we tested many alternative ways of launch to ensure compliance with existing legislations and regulations, while maintaining the competitiveness of our product. We believe that the proposed development paths are understandable to our users and sufficiently consistent with our vision to form the basis for confident forward movement.

We announce the official launch of our CENTUS stable digital seigniorage currency and seigniorage network project, in which each participant can receive regular income and not be afraid of the volatility of their investments. Now the CENTUS project is open to all comers.

We are encouraged that we were able to launch the system, and we are very grateful to all the participants who helped us to promote CENTUS at the initial stage, for being with us at the origins of the project and supporting us all the way to its formation.

We express our sincere gratitude to everyone who supported the project — from our sponsors and partners who believed in us, to the members of the team that joined us in the implementation of our mission. You are helping us create a product that can bring the best to this world, and we look forward to continuing to work together with the entire CENTUS community based on the lessons we have learned.

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