BILLEX auction results

From 07/16/2019 / 00:01 to 07/19/2019 / 00:01, an open auction for the issue of discount BILLEX (Bill of Exchange) was held.

Issue Limit: 2,000,000 BILLEX

Demand amounted to: 4,360,614 BILLEX

32 applications with a value of 3,210,262.24 DBC were accepted and paid

The applications with the highest rates were selected in descending order.

As a result of selection, the clearing price was: 0.75 DBC per 1 BILLEX

Yield to maturity: 33,3333% per annum

Total bids at the clearing price: 2,585,852 BILLEX

Exceeding the limit: 585,852 BILLEX

To close all orders at a clearing price, additional 585,852 BILLEX will be issued.

Winning entries:


Total: 2,585,852 BILLEX

BILLEX tokens (special series for DBC) will be released within 24 hours, token data needed to open a trustline will be posted in the news on BILLEX channel.

All other orders below the clearing price of 0.75 are considered lost, DBC will be sent back to the addresses from which they were received during the order acceptance process within 24 hours .

Members who would like to convert their DBC to BILLEX at the clearing price + 2% are requested to inform us through BILLEX Chat.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to the auction participants!

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