Defrosting 10% of CENTUS and Other Assets from Participants' Bounty Addresses

On October 10, 2020, CENTUS market cap has reached 1,000,000 USD! Congratulations!!!

Additionally, 20 million CENTUS tokens were issued for purposes of further sales, accruals of seigniorage and basic income. Until the capitalization reaches $ 2 million, CENTUS will be issued in amounts of 20 million tokens.

From the moment the news is released, 10% of CENTUS, CENTUSX, USD and DBC will be defrosted from participants’ Bounty Stellar addresses.
Due to the large number of participants who created multi-accounts you need to go through KYC process with the website to withdraw 10% USD.

VERY IMPORTANT: Please don’t try to send more than 10% of the total token amount from your Bounty address. If the amount is exceeded 10%, all transactions will be rejected and delivered in the last turn. Please check the amount of the transfer carefully!

FOR EXAMPLE: If you have 10,000 CENTUS, you must send no more than 1,000 CENTUS (10%), the same is true for other tokens.

Special offer for DBC owners:

If you continue to hold DBC tokens on your Bounty address until the CENTUS capitalization reaches $3 million, your DBC amount will be increased by 50%.
If you agree with this offer, there is no need to send 10% of DBC to your regular address — after all participants’ transfers are completed, you will be credited additionally with 50% of your balance amount.
If the offer doesn’t suit you, you can just withdraw 10% DBC to your regular Stellar address.

To transfer CENTUS and USD, every participant needs to open a special Bounty deposit address on their account with a possibility to withdraw 10% of the amount monthly. You can withdraw 10% immediately after transferring your amount from the Bounty address to your deposit address.

To Bounty deposit wallets will be accrued only seigniorage without basic income.

Good Luck Everyone!✌️

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