Increase your income up to 2-3 times

Do you want to increase your income up to 2-3 times?

If you already have CENTUS (U.S. Stable Cent) and want to increase your seigniorage (dividend),  BILLEX Discount Payment Network gives you the opportunity to issue your own US Dollar Bill (USD) and get doubled to tripled seigniorage.

1 US Dollar Bill (USD) = 1 US Dollar (USD)


1. Fee: 1% of  the USD issue amount

2. The maximum collateral amount per Stellar address is limited to 5000 CENTUS

3. Interest rate for using USD is set at 0.5% (paid every Tuesday and Friday from accrued CENTUS seigniorage) **

4. USD term of use: 14 days

BONUS: 20% of the amount issued (in CENTUS)

*Only for CENTUS on regular Stellar addresses without multisig during the service test period.

**After the test period is over, the interest rate  for using USD (BILLEX Discount rate) will be determined by the BILLEX network participants by a vote.

The conditions can be changed or updated during the entire test period.

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