Buy CENTUS and Get More than 80% Seigniorage!

CENTUS Exchanger Team congratulates you on the upcoming New Year holidays and offers a promotion: 

More than 80% Seigniorage in 3 Months!

When you purchase CENTUS through the exchanger or website and put it in our High Return Seigniorage Fund, you are guaranteed to receive 2.5% Seigniorage every Tuesday and Friday during 3 months from the date of purchase. Your profit, with compound interest, will thus be 21.84% in 1 month or more than 80% in 3 months.

Additionally, you can get up to 25% BONUS with your own CENTUS purchase and 10% BONUS for your junior partners’ CENTUS purchases. You also can get 20% CENTUS from seigniorage received by your junior partners.

(Important: please note that affiliate program seigniorage is still accrued manually, so you should inform us about your junior partner’s purchases through Support Chat).

Stay with us, and you’ll find even more earning instruments in the New Year!

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