How to withdraw CENTUS and earned
interest from your bonus deposit

You can withdraw CENTUS from your bonus deposit a month after converting your referral BONUS to CENTUS.

For example, if you opened a monthly deposit on February 1 and put 1000 CENTUS on it, on March 1 you can withdraw 1110 CENTUS to your regular Stellar address together with earned interest.

If you additionally deposited 2000 CENTUS on the same monthly deposit on February 7, you can withdraw this amount with a profit on March 7. And so on for all the following amounts, each of each must be in the deposit for at least 1 month.

After withdrawing CENTUS from your deposit account, you can sell them on any Stellar DEX for USD or XLM at the current price. If the current purchase prices do not suit you, you can set your own selling price.

You also can sell CENTUS withdrawn from your deposit through the affiliate exchanger and get money to Payeer, Perfect, VISA/MC and other payment systems.

IMPORTANT: First of all, the requests for withdrawing CENTUS from deposit accounts are processed and thereafter the requests for conversion referral BONUS to CENTUS from other participants.

Centus.One wishes all participants a high and stable seigniorage!✌️

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