Interaction between CENTUS and BILLEX

We’re starting to test the logic of interaction between CENTUS and BILLEX, as we have explained previously. We invite everyone of you to contribute to this work. If you’re ready to become a part of Billex community, please do the following:

1. Follow the link and join the Billex Telegram group, if you didn’t before

2. Drop a message with an amount of DBC you want to spend on creating BILLEX and your desired price you want DBC to grow to as a result of BILLEX creation. The BILLEX period of payment will depend on this, so please specify a reasonable price.

3. Join our BILLEX Telegram channel at

Please keep in mind, that you don’t freeze your assets when creating BILLEX. If you decide to sell your BILLEX and get your DBC back at some point, you can always do it on any Stellar exchange.

Let us take on this important task together! We are waiting for you in our BILLEX CLUB

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