Airdrop: 9,000,000 DBC - Enrich yourselves!


Attention, everybody! Seigniorage revenues to everyone who wishes + up to 30% profit through affiliate program!!!

Pretty soon, we start distributing 9 million Debit Coins (DBC) under our “Stable Cents to the Millions” programme without charge, as we wish to broaden the base of DBC holders receiving the seigniorage as much as possible.

Seigniorage revenue, or seigniorage, is the profit resulting from issuing coins.

At the first stage, we pay 150 DBC to each participant who creates an account with Interstellar: Stellar Wallet and Decentralized Exchange*

In case you already have an existing Stellar wallet, you can simply import it into Interstellar via the Wallets section.

Import an existing wallet

Every DBC holder can exchange their DBC assets to Stable Cents and receive the seigniorage at the next stage.

The Stable Cent coins amount received for one DBC token (the conversion rate) can’t exceed 500 Stable Cents for 1 DBC** and relies on demand: the higher the DBC exchange rate, the more Stable Cent coins you receive.

To boost our community members’ social and economic activity and involvement, we also invite current DBC holders to distribute DBC among their new-registered partners on their own.

You invite new partners, transfer them DBC received from us for Interstellar account registered and get rewards: 10 to 30% of DBC amount transferred to new participants***.

We will transfer funds as you accumulate a pool of registered accounts and send us a list of stellar addresses with opened Trustline.

The benefits of active participation in our Airdrop programme:

• Your partners receive their registration bonus from you, not anyone else. This lays a solid foundation for a mutually beneficial partnership.

• You also get your rewards for your activities.

• You become an active community member and will be able to effectively impact the Community policies in the future.

In order to thank your for your early involvement, we not only pay you rewards, but we also are giving a precious bonus, a credibility with your new partners.

Do you want to transfer DBC to your new partners for their registration by your own? Please follow the link and fill out the form.

*How to create an Interstellar account and add a Trustline:

**1 Stable Cents = 0.01 USD or 100 Stable Cents = 1 USD

***How it works:

• Suppose your invited up to 50 partners and all of them sighed up with Interstellar. In this case every of your partners is entitled to receive 150 DBC. We transfer up to 7500 DBC along with 20% comission fee, which may be up to 1500 DBC, to your Stellar address. Then you transfer the funds to your partners by your own, acting in good faith.

• Should the quantity of your partners’ registrations exceed 50, we credit you with 150 DBC for each account (7500 DBC) along with comission fee which is 30% (2250 DBC) of total amount.

• If you don’t want to spend time transfering DBC, just send your new partners Stellar addresses to us. We’ll transfer DBC to your partners, and you’ll be credited with 10% comission fee.

Hurry up!!! Rewards and comissions can be unilaterally reduced. Anything earned before will be paid in full!

Enrich Yourselves Without Limits! 🙂

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