BONUS and Cloud Deposits

The commission BONUS tokens for CENTUS purchases made by your junior partners may now be converted to CENTUS not after 3 months, but, if desired, at any time provided that converted CENTUS will be put into cloud deposits with increased seignorage. Deposit terms start from 3 months, the yield amounts to 38.97% and more.

Welcome BONUS for CENTUS purchases is reduced from 20 to 10% of the purchase amount.
You also can invest these BONUS tokens in a high-yield deposit for 3 months or more at any moment.

To exchange your withdrawn profit from Invite (referral) BONUS for CENTUS at a rate of 1:1, you need to create a cloud deposit for a period of 1 month or more.
At the end of the term, you will receive CENTUS to your regular Stellar address with increased seignorage from 11.07 to 426.52%.

To open a deposit, please follow the link:

In order to exchange your welcome or commission BONUS to CENTUS, please complete an exchange form on the Centus exchanger website.

CENTUS tokens received as a result of the exchange are transferred only to deposit multisig accounts. Don’t forget you open a trust line for CENTUS token.

You will receive CENTUS on your multisig deposit account and start to get increased seigniorage every Tuesday and Friday.

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