Debit Coin (DBC) is a voucher token for early supporters and holders. When StableCent is released as the official Coinger token, holders of DBC may convert their tokens to StableCent. The ‘conversion ratio’ represents the amount of StableCent that can be received for each DBC token.

To prevent excessive weighting in the final economy, this ratio increases as Coinger’s economy grows and is capped at a ratio of 500 StableCents to 1 DBC: the higher the DBC exchange rate, the more Stable Cent coins you receive.

You can always redeem 1 Stable Cent for 1 U.S. cent (0.01 U.S. Dollar).

Besides, DBC and Stable Cent holders receive profit (seigniorage) in the form of additional Stable Cents from purchases of other participants.

DBC is not a stable token, and therefore bears both higher risk and greater prospect. You have to conduct a careful due diligence process.

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